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Top 10 Resistance Band Workout Videos for Beginners

April 27, 2020 1 min read

FITORX™ full-body workout resistance bands are great for shaping your legs and thighs, tightening and flattening your core, toning your arms, shoulders, and chest, as well as sculpting round, firm glutes.

The following videos showcase some of the many workouts possible with FITORX™ full-body workout resistance bands! Use these bands 2-3 times a week for best results. Remember, the only bad workouts are those that didn't happen!

    1. Arms and Shoulder Workout

    2. 15 Minute Beginner Full-Body Workout

    3. 30 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout

    4. 30 Minute Total Body Workout

    5. 10 Minute Tone It Up

    6. Short Full-Body Workout

    7. 20 Minute Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

    8. 10 Minute Arms and Abs

    9. Full-Body Workout for Beginners

    10. Low-Impact Workout for Beginners

                What are you waiting for? Let the transformation begin!

                To get started on your transformation journey, order your FITORX™ full-body workout resistance bands today. Stay on our blog for more inspiring workout and fitness ideas!

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