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How Resistance Bands Work The Glutes

May 06, 2020 3 min read

Are you looking for a new way to strengthen your glutes?

Perhaps you want to spice things up, or maybe you don’t have access to a gym at the moment?

In that case, resistance band training is a great option to try.

Resistance bands are cheap, easy to get, compact, and you can carry them everywhere. 

The Importance of Well-Developed Glutes

Many people train their glutes purely for aesthetic benefit. But, as we’ll see in a second, strengthening the largest muscle in the body carries many other essential benefits.

For one, having strong glutes makes you faster and more explosive, as they play a vital role in activities such as running, jumping, and weightlifting.

Our glutes also serve an essential role in proper pelvic alignment and hip stability. Weakness in the glutes can lead to inadequate femoral (thigh bone) alignment, and knee pain.

In the simplest of terms, strong glutes are essential for pain-free movement, injury prevention, and optimal athletic performance.

How To Use Resistance Bands For Glute Training

Below, we’ll look at five incredible resistance band exercises you can use to train and develop your glutes. But first, a few words of caution:

The most crucial aspect of practical glute training is proper technique. You need to perform each repetition with mindfulness and make sure that your glutes work effectively. 

This will both ensure better muscle growth, and will also decrease your risk of getting injured.


Standing lateral leg raise

  1. Standing Lateral Leg Raises

    • Loop a resistance band around your ankles and position your feet at about hip-width distance. 
    • Stand tall and grab onto something for balance.
    • From there, lift your right leg laterally as much as you can before lowering it to the starting position.
    • Keep repeating. 
    • Once you’re done, lift your left leg for the same number of reps.


Standing Straight Leg Kickbacks

    1. Standing Straight Leg Kickbacks

      • Stand with your feet at a shoulder-width level and loop a band around your ankles.
      • Tuck your abs and bend your knees slightly, bring your chest out, and grab onto something sturdy for balance.
      • Slowly raise one leg back as much as you can and hold the top position for a moment.
      • Bring the leg back to its starting position and repeat.
      • Repeat for the other leg.


    Banded squats

      1. Banded Squats

        • Stand with your feet at a shoulder-width level, and toes pointed slightly out. 
        • Loop a resistance band above your knees, bring your chest out, and make sure that your hips, knees, and ankles are stacked.
        • As your knees push out against the band, start moving your hips back and down, as if you were trying to sit in a chair. Keep your chest out and arms extended in front of you for balance.
        • Squat as deep as you can, hold for a moment, and push through your heels to get back to the starting position.


      side shuffles

        1. Side Shuffles

          • Loop a resistance band around your ankles or knees and bring your feet out to stretch the band slightly and create some tension.
          • Bring your chest out and arms in front of your torso. Bend your knees slightly.
          • This is the starting position, and you should feel a mild burn in your leg and butt muscles.
          • From there, step to the side several times with one leg at a time, ensuring that the band is kept somewhat stretched.
          • Then, step laterally in the opposite direction for the same number of repetitions.


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